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You’ve seen the new book review—"Pages for All Ages"—now it’s your turn to suggest a great read for other families to enjoy. Have your child (or help him/her) write a short description of his/her favorite book and submit them to our site! We’ll feature a new book each month!

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Reader Recommends

Happy Baby Animals

Roger Priddy, Priddy Books; $5.95
Reader Recommends: for pre-readers
From reader: Becky Huber

Happy Baby Animals is just one of a series of books by Roger Priddy that my son has loved since he was just months old. With bright colors and pictures, we would talk about the animals, the sounds they make, where they live and what they eat to make a truly interactive experience. These books are a great starter for language development; at less that a year old, my son would “quack” whenever he saw a duck. While we’ve added a number of other books to our library, Happy Baby Animals is still one of our favorites.

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